Team Leader Email #2 (To give new members their new team link)

Hello [Your Name] & Welcome to Pays4Ever Creating Wealth Team

Hi [name], and Welcome to Pays4Ever~Creating Wealth Team

To start, all you have to do is promote our team splash page (from link below) on traffic exchanges, safelist sites, viral mailers….  Please try to maintain an average of 500+ hits to your team link per week.  In no time at all, you will get your first 4 members placed under you.

Here is the link you need to use to promote. If you click on this link it should take you to the current splash page


We have a Team Facebook page where you can come and get more information on how to get started, updates, training, stats on team progress and also to make new friends with other members  ===> CLICK HERE  

  1. Learn all about Pays4Ever (P4E) by going through everything in your back office (we also have a document, walking everyone through some highlights, in the Facebook Group Files)
  2. Do not promote your P4E affiliate links. We use lead capture pages, which are much more effective.
  3. For the ad sites you sign up for and use, take the time to make sure you understand how each site works and how to best use it for maximum results. If you have any questions, be sure to ask.
  4. To be eligible for signups from the rotator, you must maintain 500+ hits every week.We have pre-written email ads and text ads plus pre made banner ads. Use them in mailers (safelists, viral mailers, listbuilders) and manual surf traffic exchanges.
  5. Once you have your first level filled in P4E, we will guide you in setting up and using your own team lead capture page.
  6. When you get referrals from the team build who send in their information to be included in the team rotator, your team leader will send them an email welcoming them and providing them their team link and other “getting started” information – but we encourage you to reach out and welcome them as well (we have pre-written welcome emails for you to use).

These are very basic instructions. So, if you have questions, need more detailed instructions, or need assistance with anything you are trying to do – just ask. That’s what we’re here for!

To sum it up:

1. Get familiar with us and what we are doing

2. Use our recommended resources to send traffic to your team link

3. Once you get 4 paid referrals, set up and begin promoting your own team lead capture page

4. Build a super nice income, a team, and an email list you can promote and share anything you want with.

I will be sending you another email after this one with advertising hints and other information.
Best Regards,
Jeff Knowles
Creating Wealth Team Leader